I study interpersonal aspects of human judgment. My primary line of research focuses on what we infer about others when they express (un)certainty.

Research in process

Epistemic versus aleatory language and the perception of uncertain advice. With Craig Fox & Gülden Ülkümen. (Data collection)

Certainty and calibration in advice (Data collection)

An incentive-compatible elicitation of subjective probability density functions. With Evan Gilbertson. (Theory and design) 

When experts disagree: inferring calibration from distributions of judgments. (Data collection)

Collaboration and emotional contagion in online communities. With R. David Lebel. (Data analysis)

The impact of clinical trials on beliefs and practice: a longitudinal study of critical care physicians. With Derek Angus & Jeremy Kahn. (Data collection)

You would like me when I'm angry: emotion as a signal of prosocial intent. With R. David Lebel. (Data collection)

Expressions of certainty in crowdsourced advice: evidence from Quora. (Data collection) 

Software and tools

uglypaRse: A speedy R package for handling missing delimiters in text data. With Evan Gilbertson. (Alpha version available on GitHub)